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The Humanities branch of Flowers for the Future takes a dual approach to teaching English, supplementing live lessons with recorded ones. Live lessons focus on the discussion and analysis of chosen works of English literature, with examples of previous novels being The Kite Runner and The Outsiders. Discussions include questions that help develop students’ understandings of the thematic content of the stories, the historical context behind the book, and how these works maintain relevance in current times. Additionally, these live lessons interweave English language learning by covering simple grammatical and structural subjects that appear in the novels we read, with an emphasis on interactive and engaging activities that encourage student participation from both Kabul and San Diego. In the online lessons, the main focus is on higher-level grammatical concepts that require more in-depth explanations. These grammar topics correspond to those of the English language section of the Kankor exams. Videos are made by CCA students and uploaded onto a Google Classroom so that students in Kabul can freely access them. This branch is still undergoing development, and future plans for expansion include the incorporation of guided notes for videos, as well as implementing graded work. In the general sphere of the English sector for FFF, projects such as story and poem writing are also done by students on both sides to promote educational collaboration

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