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About us

Flowers for the Future has chapters on three continents and, as of 16 February 2023, with five different schools. 

In May of 2021, Flowers for the Future was founded to establish a connection with students across the world, with the goal of cultivating cross-cultural interactions among the next generation, with our first connection being with a private learning academy in Kabul.
With the return of the Taliban in August 2021, Flowers for the Future quickly morphed into an organization supporting the rights of students across the world to education, regardless of the circumstances.
In January of 2022, we connected with a school in Hong Kong. They asked if they could join us. They became our first international partners. The students from Hong Kong come to our regular zoom meeting and have have led lessons in Biology and have shared their art and literature as well.
In December of 2022, through the connections of Women in STEM, we connected with a school outside Boston. They are now helping provide lessons in Biology and they too will be collaborating in art and literature. 


“They are stronger, more determined, more steadfast in belief than I have ever been, and I cannot help but think: What if the [The Learning Academy] girls had been given my life?”

(Alice Lin, CCA Student, in the New York Times 2021)

FFF blurred image.jpg

Aditi and Alice teach a lesson on cells. (above)

What the San Diego students see when Kabul shares their art.  (Above)
What and how Kabul shares their art with us. (above)

“We are so happy we are not alone in this world," the Director of the learning academy said to the San Diego students via Zoom. “There are some beautiful minds on the other side of the world who are concerned about us.”
- (New York Times)

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